markets01Public Safety

First responders rely increasingly on wireless communication devices, and in emergencies they cannot afford signal loss or delay caused by attenuation, interference or reflection. G-WAY knows that when lives are on the line, every second counts. For this very reason, G-WAY Microwave makes it a priority to develop high-performance, high-reliability devices that exceed accepted performance standards.





G-WAY Microwave was established as a leading supplier of military-grade amplifier systems and accessories. G-WAY provides all arms of the armed forces with booster amplifier modules for tactical military radios covering VHF and UHF bands as well as the popular 30-530 MHz range. For portable and vehicle mounted systems, G-WAY offers RF Jammer amplifiers available from 10 – 3,000 MHz. G-WAY’s systems are tried and tested on the front lines, in the toughest conditions, and are known for being highly reliable.





In a world that has become increasingly dependent on cellular communication and WiFi access, the need for more efficient RF solutions has reached an all time high. G-WAY is committed to designing amplifiers that require less power yet generate enhanced RF amplification for use in mobile communication to maximize limited space in towers and network operation centers.