Founded in 1997, G-WAY Microwave is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom passive and active RF/ Microwave components. G-WAY’s technical team has experience in a wide-range of RF designs and implementations at both the component and system levels allowing them to expertly meet the demands of the most challenging environments.

G-WAY’s custom system designs produce cost-effective, high performance solutions for commercial, test and measurement, military, cellular and two-way radio applications. Operating globally and continuously expanding, G-WAY’s customer base includes government/military agencies and market leading OEMs with a range of demanding performance specifications.

G-WAY is committed to consistently providing superior quality products whilst maintaining excellence in customer satisfaction. To achieve these goals, G-WAY pledges to consistently meet delivery schedules, design customized solutions to accommodate specific requirements and ensure immediate response to customer inquiries and service requests.

G-WAY is ITAR registered and ISO 9001:2008 certified. G-WAY’s facility is fully equipped with R&D and in-house manufacturing capabilities to handle small and large scale requirements. G-WAY is located in Northern New Jersey approximately 5 miles from downtown Manhattan.

ALL product(s) manufactured by the above‐mentioned company meet the requirements of the REACH‐SVHC.
G-Way Microwave REACH Certificate of Compliance

G-WAY Microwave complies with SEC requirements regarding conflict materials. G-WAY Microwave purchases materials from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers that do not contain conflict materials. G-Way Microwave fully understands the importance of this issue and will take the necessary steps to provide our customers with pertinent information and support.
G-Way Microwave Certification Declaration.
G-Way Microwave CMRT.

Conflict Materials Website: http://www.ecianow.org/industry-issues/conflict.materials
Provides a summary of the final rules of the Act along with information on conflict materials.

G-Way Microwave – RoHs Compliant – Available by request only.
What is RoHS Compliant? “Its aim is simply to help protect the environment by removing a total of six substances from electrical and electronic equipment.” G-Way Microwave will certify to RoHS specifications when allowable by either product and/or project. RoHS compliance is available on products at the customer’s request. G-Way Microwave has workstations that are designated specifically for RoHS compliant products and/or projects. G-Way Microwave products are not manufactured with hazardous substances restricted by the RoHs directive.
 First Article Reports provided as requested
 First article inspection and final approvals for all new parts
 Quality production reports showing traceability of each step of the manufacturing cycle
 Certificates of Conformance and Compliance
 Additional certifications available upon request
G-Way Microwave RoHS Compliance Declaration

G-WAY Microwave complies with ODS requirements and does not use substances deemed harmful as outlined by the EPA.https://www.epa.gov/ozone-layer-protection/ozone-depleting-substances
G-Way Microwave ODS Declaration of Compliance