All G-WAY amplifier modules and systems may be customized to include any of the following options. Simply select desired features and include them in your RFQ.

Chassis Options

BWall Mount - 10.80" x 9.75" x 5.90"
ABWall Mount - 15.3" x 16.4" x 8.0"
NNEMA 4 Rated - Size Varies
RXUXRack Mount - 19" x X" x X"
CAB19" Rack Cabinet
FHRFront Handles for Rack Mount
BHRBack Handles for Rack Mount
FBHRFront and Back Handles for Rack Mount
SRRSide Rails for Rack Mount

Control Options

FPGAFront Panel Gain Adjustment
BPGABack Panel Gain Adjustment
TOUCHTouch Screen ControllerTouch Screen Control for Contiuous Operation
TOUCH-PTouch Screen Control for Pulse Application
GUIGUI Control for CW Application
GUI-PGUI Control for Pulse Application
CONTRController, Including Protocol for Continuous Use
CONTR-PController, Including Protocol for Pulse Application
EHTERRemote Access via Ethernet Port
RS232Remote Access via RS-232 Port
Remote Access via both ETHER and RS-232 Ports
RM9Remote Monitoring via 9-Pin D-Sub Connector
IALCInternal Analog Level Control
FPPSFront Panel Power Switch
BPPSBack Panel Power Switch
INSWInput Signal Switch (HOT)
ONSWOutput Signal Switch (HOT)

Power Supply Options

12V1110/220VAC Single Phase Switchable
12V3110/220VAC 3-Phase Switchable

Electrical Options

HARHarmonic Rejection Low Pass Filter
TERMTermination Protection
RSPReverse Shutdown Polarity

Connector Options

SNFStandard Connectors on Front Panel
SNBStandard Connectors on Back Panel
SSPISMA Sample Port - Input
SSPOSMA Sample Port - Output
N/NIn/Out N-Type Connectors
SMA/NInput: SMA/ Output: N-Type Connectors
SMA/SMAIn/Out SMA Connectors