G-Way Microwave is an internationally recognized leader in designing and manufacturing active and passive RF/Microwave components and systems. With over 20 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and innovation to support even the most challenging requests. With customers all over the globe, our constantly expanding library of products are the perfect solutions for commercial, test and measurement, military, public safety, cellular and two-way radio applications.

G-Way is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and service by providing cost-effective, high performance solutions of superior quality. With the best lead times in the industry and almost immediate responses to customer inquiries, we do our absolute best to always exceed your expectations. Our products are located in government and military installations, hospitals, casinos, tunnels, and even in outer space. There is rarely an application we can’t support so even if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, please e-mail us at Info@Gwaymicrowave.com for specific pricing and lead times.

G-WAY is ITAR registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified. G-WAY’s facility is fully equipped with R&D and in-house manufacturing capabilities to handle small and large scale requirements. G-WAY is located in Northern New Jersey approximately 5 miles from downtown Manhattan.

ALL product(s) manufactured by the above‐mentioned company meet the requirements of the REACH‐SVHC.
G-Way Microwave REACH Certificate of Compliance

G-WAY Microwave complies with SEC requirements regarding conflict materials. G-WAY Microwave purchases materials from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers that do not contain conflict materials. G-Way Microwave fully understands the importance of this issue and will take the necessary steps to provide our customers with pertinent information and support.
G-Way Microwave Certification Declaration.
G-Way Microwave CMRT.

Conflict Materials Website: http://www.ecianow.org/industry-issues/conflict.materials
Provides a summary of the final rules of the Act along with information on conflict materials.

G-Way Microwave – RoHs Compliant – Available by request only.
What is RoHS Compliant? “Its aim is simply to help protect the environment by removing a total of six substances from electrical and electronic equipment.” G-Way Microwave will certify to RoHS specifications when allowable by either product and/or project. RoHS compliance is available on products at the customer’s request. G-Way Microwave has workstations that are designated specifically for RoHS compliant products and/or projects. G-Way Microwave products are not manufactured with hazardous substances restricted by the RoHs directive.
 First Article Reports provided as requested
 First article inspection and final approvals for all new parts
 Quality production reports showing traceability of each step of the manufacturing cycle
 Certificates of Conformance and Compliance
 Additional certifications available upon request
G-Way Microwave RoHS Compliance Declaration

G-WAY Microwave complies with ODS requirements and does not use substances deemed harmful as outlined by the EPA.https://www.epa.gov/ozone-layer-protection/ozone-depleting-substances
G-Way Microwave ODS Declaration of Compliance

As an ISO company, G-Way Microwave also complies with all ISO environmental policies and is committed to the care of the environment and the prevention of pollution.
G-Way Environmental Policy